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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questons:

Who is eligible for the Employee Apparel Program?

Hospital employees with direct patient contact are eligible for the apparel program. An employee’s allotment of apparel is based on their department, job title, and appointment percentage.

How many pieces can I get?

For new employees, UCDH will provide an allotment to obtain a full week of base program uniforms based on your department, job title and appointment percentage. You may use your allotment to order any combination of pieces, but we ask that you order at least one complete uniform (top and bottom, if applicable).  Staff will also be provided with an annual allotment to refresh their uniform, which is the equivalent of 3 base program pieces.

Is there anywhere to try on the uniforms before purchasing?

Mission Linen will have dedicated time for new hires to schedule an appointment for uniform fitting. Annual events for established staff to be fitted will be scheduled and shared with all EAP participants.

How do new hires or employees who have transferred to a new role order their apparel?

New hires and transferred employees will receive an email with instructions when they become eligible to order apparel.

Where will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped to the address you provide at check out. You may not change the shipping address after your order is placed. Please provide a home address that is safe and reliable. We cannot ship to PO Boxes or UCD facilities.  Please take care when adding your address to your order as addresses are not audited and will print on the shipping label exactly as they are entered on your order.

I have already used my annual stipend; can I purchase more apparel?

Yes, employees can order additional pieces using a credit card at any time.

When does my allotment expire?  

Allotments expire each year on May 30th to allow time for processing, shipping and invoicing before the end of the fiscal year.

I need a medical/religious/cultural accommodation to the apparel program. What should I do?

Please email Mission Linen at to let us know you are in need of an accommodation.

I am a recent new hire and my scrubs will not be delivered in time for my first day of work.

Orders placed on the web store typically arrive in 5-10 business days. If your uniform order will not arrive in time for your first day, please wear scrubs/apparel in your assigned uniform color.